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We were at our State Fair yesterday & came upon free samples of Queen’s Ice coffee. My daughter & I sampled 6 different flavors, all yummy & decided to but a bag of the Vanilla Caramel. The gentleman told me it was just made with cold water but as creamy as it looked & tasted I kind of didn’t believe him. So we only bought 1 bag.

Kicking myself now cause we made it at home with cold water & it was still just as creamy & yummy. Most definitely be ordering some. & telling everyone about your fantastic product!!
— Jean B, Wi State Fair

About the Coffee

Coffee Queen Coffee is instant coffee for the coffeehouse lover who is done with the coffeehouse price. There are so many great ways to enjoy this product: make it hot, make it cold, or even mix it with your morning cup of joe. It tastes great in the morning, at the office, in the classroom, after family dinners, during study breaks, in the car, and in the great outdoors. This easy, cost-effective solution to expensive coffeehouse lattes packs the punch of a cup of coffee and the flavor of the delicious hand-crafted drinks that you love. We hope that you'll love our coffee as much as we do. 

Letter from the Queen

As the owner of Coffee Queen Coffee, I understand the “coffeeholic” in all of us.  My coffee shop addiction grew from a treat on Fridays, to every Friday and a bad day, then every Monday, Friday and a bad day… pretty soon EVERY day was a bad day. 

Eventually my loving hubby became upset with how much money I was spending at the coffee houses.  After a loud discussion, I had to admit he was right, I could be using that money for more important things – like shoes and purses!

I decided to buy a latte machine – I could be my own barista; how difficult could that be?  Well it was 10 minutes to make the coffee and 5 minutes of cleanup.  A whopping 15 minutes before I could even sit down to drink my coffee.  That was WAY too long.  I started playing around in my kitchen to make a tasty and quick brew, and things just grew from there.  The long story short, friends and relatives encouraged me to sell my creations.  After countless art fairs, farmers markets, county fairs and 15 hour workdays, you not only can buy Coffee Queen Coffee on-line, but it can now be found in 44 stores in the 6 state area!

Hope you enjoy my coffees…


Juanita Slagerman, Owner

Coffee Queen Coffee

I have to start off by saying that I WAS NOT a coffee drinker! I would every once in a while stop at one of those shops and get something but I wanted the least amount of coffee flavor they had. So, my friend and I were at the MN State fair and found Coffee Queen, it was the BEST find at the fair!!! We decided to split the 4 bag special and I was out of it within 2 weeks!! I have already placed an order for 6 and now am placing an order for 12!!! Winter is coming to MN and I just LOVE have a cup every morning!!! Thank you for such a WONDERFUL tasting coffee.
— Shannon W, Mpls, MN