It's a small small world

Over the years I have always tried to learn new things at each position held.  Many skills or contacts that have been learned seem to be tied only to a particular area, however, I found information and contacts made in one area have assisted me in moving forward in ways not expected later on in my life.

To that lesson, I have to share my amazement on how I have acquired my latest store in Branson, MO.  About 5 – 6 years ago, I partnered with my friend Tara to create a group for handcrafted businesses called Minnesota Originals.  This group met to share experiences and help each other get to the next level.  One of the businesses, Sherrilynn’s (, is a delightful shop of hand created gourmet foods, such as dips, breads and soups; all created by Sherry.  To support our group, she also offers several of our products in her shop, including Coffee Queen Coffee. 

Fast forward 6 years… A shop owner in Branson, MO, happened across Sherrilynn’s website and became interested in offering her products in his store.  While reviewing her website, he saw Coffee Queen Coffee.  After checking out my website, he ordered coffee on Amazon (which was recently added).  By using Amazon, it allowed him to purchase the coffees anonymously.  After tasting the coffee, he approached me with the offer to carry my product in Mulberry Mill ( – Such a cute store!

Because I volunteered my time 6 years ago to create a group to help each other, and because I networked with another vendor to find out about Vendor Express on Amazon, I gained another store and added another state to my repertoire.  It’s a small, small world!