Sometimes rules are made to be broken

Over the last 20 years of participating in craft shows, farmers markets and art fairs, I have developed one overarching rule… limit your purchases from other vendors at shows otherwise you will never make a profit.  There are so many fantastic items at each of these venues, that I have learned to take business cards so I can decide if I REALLY need that awesome wall art, cool vase or cute hat.  If I am still hankering after that item after 2 weeks, I know that I must have it.

So needless to say, that rule went out the window at our last show within the first ½ hour.  It was slow so the hubby walked around to see the sights.  All of a sudden I hear his voice cracking with excitement… he needed what I thought was an extremely large amount of money.  According to him, if I only went halfway down the third isle over I would understand.  Sighing, I did as asked and looked into the most beautiful black eyes.  Of course I melted – it was the cutest black lab just waiting for Jimmy and I to take him home.  I cannot believe that we put out that much money for a dog, but what a dog.  Captain Jack of the Black Pearl came home with us and has managed to potty train himself in 3 days and is so mellow it is a treat to have him around.  However, I must admit, I have to watch where I put my coffee cause he loves to sip out of my cup!  He seems to be partial to English Toffee.

We have always had a lab and our last lab passed away 5 years ago.  She was replaced by the sweetest little Shorkie called Sparrow, however, we did miss having a Labrador.  So now we are complete with Sparrow and Jack – or put another way… Jack Sparrow!

Yes, sometimes those pesky rules need to be broken.