Letting go...

letting go pic 2.jpg

All my life I have been a control freak – just ask my husband and kids.  Not only is everything planned, but many backup plans are made so that I can make everything right in this rather chaotic world of ours.  No wonder I developed an ulcer in my teens and have been trying to keep it under control since then.  One of the more difficult things for me with the move to owning our business is the lack of control and the myriad of things that go wrong and all we can do is punt.  Hard to plan for things you don’t even know can go wrong – sigh!

As I try to better my watercolor painting skills, I realized that it was a metaphor for the life we are leading.  With watercolor – you can plan, direct, even encourage the watercolor to do what you want it to do, but you cannot control it, just like life.  Initially when painting, I could not make it work – the pictures were rather tortured as I tried to will the paint in the direction I wanted it.  I recently I just let the paint do what it wanted and then chose to highlight the areas that worked well.  It is much easier, less stress, and leads to a better picture.  I am learning to let the small things go and follow where God has chosen the path.  I understand that I have to work for the things that he has given to me; but I also know that there is a larger picture involved, one where I don’t know the path but can enjoy the ride.

So my final thoughts are that whatever you believe in, God, Buddha, Allah, or just a higher power, trust and work hard and in the words of my nephew “it’ll be ok”!